Making Reflective Practice the cornerstone of your
Personal and Professional Development

In an increasingly complex world, it takes courage to take time out, to stop , to pause and notice what is happening in our lives. Taking time to reflect on who we are, what we are doing, the problems we face, the experiences which sustain us and the people with whom we are having difficulties, is both challenging and rewarding.

Using the Process Work model of Inner Work, I will guide you through exercises which will help you to reflect on the personal, professional and systemic issues that are present in your life. Inner Work is a dynamic model which gives us momentary access to a reflective space. It can transform our understanding of a situation in the moment, allowing us the space to respond with empathy, compassion and creativity. We can develop new ways of being, both personally and professionally.

Our inner and outer worlds are a rich source of information, experiences and nourishment. If we can go deeply into our experiences, our greatest difficulties offer the potential for transformation and change. Inner work embraces all our channels of perception: seeing, hearing, feeling, moving, relationships and the world. It allows us the space to track, explore, embody and integrate the different experiences happening inside and outside of us.

Inner Work, when practiced regularly, allows us to:
• Develops our capacity to have a nonjudgmental overview of situations
• Develop empathy and compassion for ourselves and others
• Develop our capacity for Deep Democracy i.e. making room for all levels of experience and creating a space for all the voices.
• Develop the tools to process rank and privilege
• Challenge the Status Quo

We can then learn to:
• Hold all the parts in a situation
• Notice, follow and unfold signals
• Process Conflicts
• Process Accusations
• Take our own side and the other person’s side in a conflict
• Integrate new experiences and expand our identity
• Develop new and creative responses to situations

Individual sessions last 45 minutes and workshops for groups are also available.
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Geraldine Halpin ©January 2019