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What is mediation?

Mediation is a structured process for resolving disputes. Conflict is a normal and natural part of life. More often than not, we work through our conflicts,but sometimes they affect our practical and emotional needs, and can be painful and difficult to resolve. This is where mediation can be helpful.

The goal is to support people to explore all aspects of the conflict and to guide them towards finding a workable resolution which is practical, agreed upon by everyone involved and points the way forward to the future.

What is the role of the mediator?

The mediator is an impartial, detached facilitator who guides and supports people through the mediation process and creates a safe, confidential space for people to explore the conflict and reach an agreement that is acceptable to everyone.

Why does mediation work?

It creates a safe, confidential space to explore a difficult situation which is a source of conflict. The structured  process focuses on the experiences of those involved and works to create an opportunity to reach an agreement acceptable to everyone. Mediation helps people to move forward in a practical and positive way.

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I work with groups who may be experiencing difficulties and conflicts. I am happy to discuss the mediation process with you, so please call me or email me to arrange a time and date to chat about what's happening for you and your group. I work with community groups, not for profit organisations and small businesses.

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