What is Process Work And Inner Work?


Process oriented psychology is a multicultural, multi-level, awareness practice for individuals and organizations in all states of consciousness. http://www.aamindell.net/process-work

Process work is a sensory grounded, empirical approach to human experience. It is based on observation and awareness of how that experience is expressed in the individual/groups' signals and channels. Process work takes a teleological approach. It believes that all experiences, even those which a person/group may find disturbing, are potentially meaningful. And when approached with curiosity and respect can be unfolded, revealing experiences which enhance and enrich a person’s life. 

What is Inner Work?

Process oriented inner work focuses on following the flow of one’s own experiences by noticing the most obvious body movements and signals, as well as subtler dreamlike experiences, and the most subtle, almost ineffable feelings and tendencies occurring within and around us. It is a creative and dynamic mindfulness practice. http://www.aamindell.net/innerwork

Inner work allows us to work internally on our own mysterious experiences and our conflicts or disturbing experiences. As a meditation practice it is unlike traditional practices. The goal of many eastern meditation practices is to find enlightenment and connection to the Buddha nature using practices which calm the body and mind and increase clarity and awareness (Mindell, 1990). Disturbances or intrusions are noticed but not processed, instead the goal is to bring the focus back to the method of meditation. 

Inner Work as a meditation practice has a different focus. The goal or intention is to focus your awareness and attend to what is happening in the moment, allowing yourself to notice what is mysterious, unknown or disturbing in your experience, noticing the details of that experience and attending to it. Inner Work is about noticing the different parts of your experience, going deeper into them and  exploring their relationship to each other. Our inner and outer worlds are enriched and expanded when we practice Inner Work regularly, leading to a deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

For more information on Process Work, please go to http://www.aamindell.net/